From Political Joke to the 45th President

Updated version with gesture / motion control

The original work was designed to be controlled with mouse, but I wanted to try a hand / motion based interactive for a visualization work. This seems to be a suitable case for its straightforward controls designs.

To achieve motion control through hand or body gesture, a motion detection method was applied in the background. A position calculated based on hand movement (or any body part) replaced the cursor position and achieved the camera control via hand / body movement as demoed in the video above.

Trump’s campaign started in June 2015 and since then he has been a frequent visitor of media headlines. I assume that a correlation between major milestones during his campaign and the checking records of his books in the Seattle Public Library.

Based on a dataset from Seattle Public Library, I’m curious to see how politics influence people on their reading materials. I believe that if people are curious about their presidential candidate, frequent library visitors might be interested in book by him or about him.

This project follows GNU GPLv3 license, open source code available for download here.